About Us

Centro Diesel srl was founded in the far 1967 by Lauco Ghelardoni, a businessman of great ability and insight that has  made soon this Company known across the country. Reliability,  trustworthiness and technical skills are the real capital of  Centro Diesel that is able to make plans , strategies and  to support the final customer with all the information he needs. Just right women and men just in the right place. People that know how to increase the value of the products . People that are able to tell about the machines, show the maintenance services and solve the problems. People  always devoted to interpret (understand) the real needs of the customers.
A great team captained  today by  Lauco’s sons :  Giorgio and  Marinella Ghelardoni helped during the years by  experienced and qualified employees.
The headquarters is in a strategic place and it is near to the most important  communication roads  and to all the services that are indispensable for the fulfilment of the logistic activities. All this  improves the carrying out  our work even more.

Key points of our business

•    Large warehouse  for the storage of engines and spare parts
•    Shipments  in  all  the  Italian  territory  by   24 hours delivery.
•    Highly qualified staff
•    Service, repairing and advice both on the spot and on the telephone.